Saturday, December 8, 2007

Introduction to MythMan J

I'm MythMan, and I'm proud to be invited to the Ancient World Bloggers Group.

I gladly join, but you probably won't see much evidence of me here but links (through important/semi-important words) to my etymology blog.

Etymology is indeed the fullest connection to the Ancient World had by any who speak! (As see can you, too important thoughts I have are to worry about frivolities like "word-order" ... hee-hee-hee, take you TO him I will ... and now you see one of the reasons I probably won't write much 'directly into this blog lol.)

Like the static-between-channels (on your TV) is an echo of radiation from "the Big Bang," so the words and speech commonly used today is an echo of caveman-babblings assigned meaning by the Mind of Man.

Through knowledge of the words' origins and of the reasonings behind the modification therefrom, we who speak can refine our language to the purer meanings we truly intend.

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