Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Meeting at Chicago AIA/APA - Thurs., Jan. 3 @ 9:00 PM?

As a first try at a real-world AWBG community activity, I'm trying to organize a get together at the AIA/APA meetings in Chicago. How about Thursday night at 9:00 PM? That's after the opening reception. I don't know enough about Chicago to recommend a place other than "the hotel bar." That will be crowded, I know, but is an easy default.

Feel free to complain about this time in the comments and if it really doesn't work for most people, we can change it. But also feel free to comment saying you're coming, maybe with a link to your blog and things to talk about, etc.

I blog at and you'll see that I've linked to AWBG. That's another fine thing to do.

[Updated to get the day/date right.]


Charles Ellwood Jones said...

I think I can make that time and place. Can anyone else make it, or is is just the two of us buying each other beers?

Dan Diffendale said...

I ought to be able to manage that.