Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Social Networking, Libraries, Institutions

Gerry McKiernan, who blogs on Social Networking Sites for Engaged Library Services brings an article from NextSpace (The OCLC Newsletter) to our attention.

Lori Bell (Alliance Library Systems, Second Life Librarian and Director of Innovation), Edward Castronova (Indiana University, Associate Professor of Telecommunications), Paul Jones (ibiblio.org, Director), Hemanshu Nigam (MySpace, Chief Security Offfice), Kitty Pope (Alliance Library System, Second Life Librarian and Executive Director), Fred Stutzman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Ph. D. Student), Stuart L. Weibel, Ph. D. (OCLC, Consulting Research Scientist) are asked to explore and comment on the trends and behaviors of users of the social Web.

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