Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Collaborating to Improve Library Collections

Over at Current Epigraphy we're taking some steps to try to improve library holdings of epigraphic publications. We hope that we'll be joined there by other scholars and librarians, and mimic'd on other subfield blogs as well.

This was Gil Renberg's idea: a place to share notices of useful publications (print or electronic) that seem to have escaped the collections dragnet and are therefore dangerously (preservation) or disruptively (research support) underrepresented in a nation's or a region's libraries.

We're trying to use the blog medium to our advantage as well, so we're tagging relevant posts as concerned with "rare publications". This gives us a thematically browseable list, together with a corresponding web feed.

You can read more about the initiative at CurEp: "New and Rare Publications" (22 Jan 2008).


DigiDok said...

Good idea, but please try to catch up current development in bibliographical tools and (hopefully upcoming) standards.
Please consider using the zotero-wordpress plugin (http://zotero.org) to enable more comfortable enduser administration. Or are you working on another solution to manage and interchange bibliographic entries, e.g. special formating of the xml-feed?

Tom Elliott said...

You want bibliographic information about the work cited, not the blog entry right? So, yes, we're looking at Peter Binkley's OpenURL/COinS plugin.