Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Electric Archaeology

Shawn Graham has published a collection of his posts at Electric Archaeology through the print-on-demand site You'll see from his post that we both share an interest in using services such as Lulu to lower the cost of print publication. Obviously, I approve of this step and hope it furthers the ongoing process of increasing the number of venues for scholarly output. I don't mean by this that blog posts need to appear in print in order to be taken seriously. Rather, I welcome any format that increases access.

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Shawn Graham said...

Exactly. Anything that lowers the cost and shortens the time for getting archaeological information into print should be welcomed. And yes, blogs shouldn't need to be printed down to be taken seriously.
I can't help but think though that there are some for whom nothing carries authority like a printed volume. Probably for those individuals though, print-on-demand carries some sort of stigma (as naturally would blogging). But as a vehicle for archiving digital work, I think it can't be beat.

->though occurs, maybe someone should put together a volume of the year's best archaeological postings....?