Thursday, July 24, 2008

British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan

The ninth issue of the open access journal British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan is available here today.


This issue features three papers from the Annual Egyptological Colloquium held at the British Museum in summer 2007: The ‘Head of the South’: current research in Upper Egypt, south of Thebes (July 12–13). It is intended that further papers from the colloquium will appear in a future issue of BMSAES.

Visitors to the British Museum website may have noticed that the collection of the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan is now available through the Museum's Collection database online, through which visitors can order images for academic publication, free of charge.

Neal Spencer

Who was who in Elephantine of the third millennium BC?
Dietrich Raue

Elkab, 1937-2007: seventy years of Belgian archaeological research
Luc Limme

The rock inscriptions at el-Hôsh
Ilona Regulski

Wouldn't it be nice if they'd deploy a news feed?

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