Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The steering group for the National Heritage Science Strategy arepleased to announce the launch of the strategy's website:
Over the next few months, work will be taking place to produce three reports which will provide the evidence base for drawing up the strategy.
* the first report will detail the current use of science in preserving and protecting cultural heritage (available April 2009)
* the second will assess the use of science in enhancing ourunderstanding of the past (available end of May 2009)
* the final report will address issues of sector skills and considerpractitioner and institutional capacity to deliver improvements in theapplication of heritage science. (available July 2009)
Each of these reports will be available on our website, with a one month consultation period to ensure that the views of the heritage sector arefully represented and integrated in the final strategy. If you have any questions about the strategy please have a look at the website, or get in touch with the strategy coordinator:
Dr Jim Williams National Heritage Science Strategy Coordinator

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