Monday, January 5, 2009

Making the LEAP II: A Transatlantic LEAP project

Are any readers here making proposals to this initiative?

With the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Internet Archaeology is offering $6600 to four successful applicants to facilitate article and archive preparation.

Internet Archaeology invites proposals for integrated electronic publications and archives for publication in the journal, with digital archiving by an appropriate US-based digital repository (or by the Archaeology Data Service), under the Making the LEAP II project. Proposals must be from projects hosted/co-hosted in North American institutions.

We seek four exemplars to investigate novel ways in which Internet publication can provide broad access to research findings in Archaeology, and can also make underlying data available in such a way so that readers are enabled to "drill down" seamlessly into online archives to test interpretations and develop their own conclusions.

Priority will be given to projects within the fields of Archaeology, Classics, Ancient and Medieval History and CRM as long as the subject falls within the editorial scope of Internet Archaeology.

Successful projects will be given dedicated editorial support to explore novel strategies for e-publication and to bring the article to publication (including mark-up and managing of the peer review process). Funding is also available to cover archiving costs. It will be necessary to impose a strict timetable to achieve the publication of each exemplar. Exemplar 1 should be submitted in full by April 2009 so that it reaches publication in Autumn 2009.

In summary, authors can expect:

* A grant of $6600 towards preparation of the paper and archive, half paid up front ($3300) and half on delivery ($3300)
* Dedicated editorial support in York
* Technical support for interface development using technologies such as VR & GIS
* A grant of up to $8250 towards the archiving costs (payable to the digital archive)

Project Web page

Please contact the Editor, Judith Winters (, as soon as possible to discuss the suitability of your project before submitting your proposal.


Judith Winters
Editor, Internet Archaeology

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