Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Brill's new open access policy

Brill's new open access policy. What do you make of this?

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John Muccigrosso said...

Brill says:

"Journal authors may post the post-print version of their articles (but not books) on their own personal websites free of charge. This means they can show the article exactly as it appears in print.
The institute employing the journal author may post the post-refereed, but pre-print version of articles free of charge on its website. The post-refereed, pre-print version means the version which contains all adaptations made after peer reviewing. The publisher’s lay-out must not be used.:

So what's the distinction between a personal site and an institute site? What is my university homepage?

Also: We trust that through this policy we allow maximum freedom of use of our publications without endangering their viability.

I think they mean "profitability."