Sunday, May 19, 2013

Expert Contributors Needed

At Past Preservers, we are always seeking to expand our network of experts and specialists who can energetically share their knowledge and enthusiasm for their subjects with the viewing public. 

Our expert database contains experts from over twenty countries with a variety of skill sets and specializations. Through our networks, we can connect researchers of the past or present to the people who know it best. We provide consistent and reliable access to the archaeological, scientific, and practical resources that are crucial to our clients’ research, project or business.

 “Our experts share a common thread in that their inspiration comes from a fascination with the historical world along with a talent for piecing together the wonderments of the past" says the CEO and founder of Past Preservers Nigel J. Hetherington.

Our experts include archaeologists, scientists, theologians, historians, curators, anthropologists, adventurers and more. They all have great passion for their careers and want to share that enthusiasm with others. If you want to be a part of our expert database, register today

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Alice Linsley said...

I'm willing to share my research in the new emerging field of Biblical Anthropology. Biblical texts provide valuable information for the trained eye of an anthropologist. This includes marriage and kinship patterns, castes of the ancient world, migrations, dispersion of Kushites, relationship of Afro-Asiatic languages, etc. Here is a typical article: