Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mobile Learning and Museums

I have been enjoying a day taking part in a discussion of "Mobile Learning in Higher Education: The Discipline Dimension" (hosted by the UK Higher Education Academy). Professor Mike Sharples of the University of Nottingham drew our attention to MyArtSpace. The project was partly funded by the UK Government Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).
My Art Space is an interactive service that enables visitors to museums and galleries to 'collect' cultural artefacts with their mobile phone.
This now has a commercial outlet via OOKL. Although this project was aimed at secondary education, the technology has an application for Higher Education.

Details for the mLearn2008 conference are now available. This will be hosted by the University of Wolverhampton, School of Computing and IT (8-10 October 2008), and will take place on the edge of historic and rural Ironbridge Gorge, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The deadline for submitting papers and abstracts is in April.

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