Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Contribute to the Ancient World Open Bibliographies Project

Announcing the
Ancient World Open Bibliographies Project

Our Goal: To provide an online destination for students and scholars seeking bibliographies about the ancient world.  In the modern academy, sometimes too much information is as thorny a problem as too little. The Ancient World Open Bibliographies seeks to provide annotated bibliographies on specific subjects that serve as an introduction to students or to scholars exploring a new area of research.  We will also link to existing open-access bibliographical resources online.

Open Access: The project is currently hosted at a dedicated wiki (http://ancientbibliographies.libs.uga.edu/ ), with duplication using the (free) bibliographic citation management software Zotero (see our group library here: http://www.zotero.org/groups/ancient_world_open_bibliographies ).  It is open access and covered by a Creative Commons license.
Scope: Geographically, we cover Europe, Asia, and Africa. Temporally, we cover prehistory through ca. 700 CE. Right now the project is richest in Classical, Near Eastern, and Egyptian Studies, but we welcome broader contributions within our scope.

How Can You Help? 
  1. Create an annotated bibliography on a topic of your expertise.
  2. Contribute an existing bibliography you have assembled on a topic – perhaps one you use for your own work, or distribute to students.
  3. Add a link to an existing online bibliography you use.
  4. Encourage your colleagues and students to participate by creating and sharing their own bibliographies; for example, consider whether the creation of an collaborative annotated bibliography would work as a class assignment.

Bibliographies or links can be emailed (see contact info below) or feel free to edit the wiki, adding a link or a new page (see details on how to do the latter at http://ancientbibliographies.libs.uga.edu/wiki/How_To_Contribute ). Emailed bibliographies in most formats will work: .doc, .pdf, .ris or other export from EndNote/Refworks/Zotero/etc.

Questions, or Want to Contribute?  Visit the wiki or blog or contact Phoebe Acheson (University of Georgia Libraries, pacheson@uga.edu ) or Chuck Jones (Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, NYU, cejo@uchicago.edu ).
This flier is available at http://tinyurl.com/AWOBflier