Friday, March 21, 2014

Jobs News-Forensic Archaeologist Needed

From the folks at Past Preservers

"Our clients are on the look-out for a forensic archaeologist, historian or anthropologist who has experience in forensic science or Bioarchaeology. They are specially looking for a person who has experience and comfort with all of the following: forensic investigation, strong people skills, crime, the outdoors and able to lead investigations in a  rough terrain. 

The host also needs to have an understanding of indigenous American culture. This is an unique opportunity to use your skills and expertise working with a highly respected documentary film maker.

If you are interested, please make sure you are signed up on our online database on our website, and drop us a line at Please note that applications can only be submitted when we have received your images, a current CV and a video clip. You must have all these in place for applications to be considered"