Monday, March 20, 2017

Awards for Books in Classics, Ancient Near East, Antiquity

This is an attempt to assemble information on awards for books in Classics, Ancient Near East, Antiquity more generally. I hope to make it comprehensive. Are there similar awards from non-English language institutions? If you know of others please pass them along in the comments section below or directly to me.

The Awards for Excellence in the Study of Religion and the Best First Book in the History of Religions are given each year during the Annual Meeting.
Bolchazy Pedagogy Book Prize
The CAMWS sub-committee for the Ladislaus J. Bolchazy Pedagogy Book Award announces a call for nominations for the 2017 Award. The recipient of this $500.00 award will be announced at the annual CAMWS business meeting, where the recipient is encouragnged to accept the award in person. This prize has been named in memory of Ladislaus J. Bolchazy in recognition of his long career promoting classical scholarship and pedagogy.
CAMWS First Book Award
The Subcommittee on the CAMWS First Book Award asks for your help in identifying distinguished first scholarly books (or digital equivalents) in the field of classical studies (including, but not limited to, the languages, literatures, history, religions, philosophy, art, architecture, archaeology, economy, and reception of Greek and Roman antiquity) published by CAMWS members in 2014, 2015, or 2016. Self-nominations are encouraged. Please note that nominated authors must be members of the Association in good standing and for at least the previous year and that CAMWS has a separate award for pedagogical books (see Bolchazy Book Award). Please send nominations, including titles and publishing information, to committee chair Andrew Faulkner by email (  Join the Yahoo! Contributor Network
The Charles J. Goodwin Award of Merit - SCS
The Charles J. Goodwin Awards of Merit, three prizes given annually, are named in honor of a long-time member and generous benefactor of the Society for Classical Studies. They are the only honors for scholarly achievement given by the Society... The works chosen to receive the award may be books, monographs, or articles, provided that they have not appeared in substantially the same form in earlier publications.
Classical Islamic World Book Prize (CIW)
Gorgias Press is delighted to announce the launch of the inaugural international Classical Islamic World Book Prize (CIW). Based on the decision of an internationally renowned panel of scholars, the CIW will recognise three exceptional early career contributions to the academic study of the classical Islamic world. In particular, the CIW will invite scholars from across the world to submit unpublished monographs that are either revised PhD theses or first Postdoctoral monographs.
The first «L’ERMA» di BRETSCHNEIDER Award in honour of Max Bretschneider, the founder in 1896 of the Publishing house and book-shop, has been announced in 1978.

The award is a competition of unpublished scientific studies written in Italian, English, German, French or Spanish and concerning prehistoric, classical, oriental or medieval archaeology.

Participation in the competition is free. Every author may enter one or more works.

A jury of Italian and foreign university professors of the subjects listed above will examine and judge the entries. The winner will be awarded with the publication of the work presented to the committee.
The George Grote Prize in Ancient History
The George Grote Prize in Ancient History is offered every year by the Institute of Classical Studies from the fund bequeathed by the late Professor V. L. Ehrenberg. The Prize of £3000 will be awarded for an original and hitherto unpublished study on a topic in ancient history, preferably Greek or Hellenistic history. Ancient history may be taken to include related topics in historiography, archaeology and art history. If in doubt about the suitability of a topic, please consult the Chair.
The Irene Levi-Sala Book prize
The purpose of the Irene Levi-Sala book prize is to encourage and reward high quality publications on the archaeology of Israel. The prize is an international award for books focused on the archaeology of Israel and written in English or another international language. The book will deal mainly with the traditional period of "Biblical Archaeology" from the Early Bronze Age to the Classical period and preferably, against the wider context of Near Eastern history and Archaeology.
James Henry Breasted Prize | AHA
Established in 1985 and named in honor of James Henry Breasted, a pioneer in ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern history and president of the Association in 1928, this prize is offered for the best book in English in any field of history prior to CE 1000. The prize was endowed by Joseph O. Losos, a longtime member of the Association. 
 James R. Wiseman Book Award - Archaeological Institute of America
Each year the James R. Wiseman Book Award Committee will recommend, in time for presentation of the award at the Annual Meeting of the Institute, the academic work on an archaeological topic it deems most worthy of recognition in that year. Books and monographs bearing a date of publication within the four calendar years prior to (not including) the year of the Annual Meeting at which the award is made will be eligible for consideration. Fieldwork volumes are welcome; textbooks will not be considered, and handbooks or other edited volumes must be exceptionally strong contributions in order to qualify for consideration.
Jordan Schnitzer Book Awards - AJS
The Jordan Schnitzer Book Awards are the first annual book award program to be offered by the Association for Jewish Studies, made possible by funding from the Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation of Portland, Oregon. These awards recognize and promote outstanding scholarship in the field of Jewish Studies and honor scholars whose work embodies the best in the field:  rigorous research, theoretical sophistication, innovative methodology, and excellent writing. The awards are structured to recognize all areas of Jewish Studies research, paying tribute to both the breadth and depth of AJS members’ scholarship. 
Jozef IJsewijn Prize for best first book on a Neo-Latin topic

The G. Ernest Wright Award - ASOR
This award is given to the editor/author of the most substantial volume(s) dealing with archaeological material, excavation reports and material culture from the ancient Near East and eastern Mediterranean. This work must be the result of original research published within the past two years. (One award is given annually.)
The Frank Moore Cross Award - ASOR
This award is presented to the editor/author of the most substantial volume(s) related to one of the following categories:  a) the history and/or religion of ancient Israel; b) ancient Near Eastern and eastern Mediterranean epigraphy; c) textual studies on the Hebrew Bible; or d) comparative studies of the Hebrew Bible and ancient Near Eastern literature. This work must be the result of original research published during the past two years. (One award is given annually.)
The Nancy Lapp Popular Book Award - ASOR
 This award is presented to the author/editor of a book published in the last two years that offers a new synthesis of archaeological or textual evidence intended to reach an audience of scholars as well as students and the broader public. (One award is given annually.)
The Runciman Award - Anglo-Hellenic League
Awarded to a book about Greece
Administered by the Anglo-Hellenic League
Sponsored by the National Bank of Greece
Society for Biblical Literature – De Gruyter Prize for Biblical Studies and Reception History
In partnership with the Society for Biblical Literature (SBL), De Gruyter has established the “Prize for Biblical Studies and Reception History” to support biblical scholars at the early stages of their careers. De Gruyter will support this award with an annual cash prize of $1,500 for the best recent (last two calendar years) unpublished dissertation or first monograph in biblical studies, with special attention to submissions in the field of reception history, starting in 2014. Winning manuscripts will be published in appropriate De Gruyter book series or, if no appropriate series exists, as stand-alone titles.

A useful general list of Awards in Ancient Studies and Archeology is maintained by  Willamette University's Office for Faculty Research & Resources.