Friday, August 19, 2011

Past Preservers People Needs Male Host Investigators for History Channel Series

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A US-based production company is seeking two male Hosts for a series currently in development with the History Channel. Each episode in the series will look at a different milestone event, object, or device. Often, but not always, these will be natural or manmade disasters.

Each program will dissect the event, examining it from different perspectives, angles, and points-of-view. The goal of each episode is to investigate the topic, and by the end of the program, shed new light or understanding on it.

The two Hosts must be Investigators of a sort. They will lead the viewers through the story, breaking down the subject. The Hosts will do their investigating both on a set and in the field. The investigation will have a forensic approach, grounded in engineering.

Host #1 should be an expert in the process of analysis and investigation. A background in investigation or engineering would be helpful but not essential, as long as he has a grasp of basic investigative principles. You must have a passion for history without being too straitlaced. An engaging personality is critical (a sense of humour is welcome!), and must work well with Host #2.

Host #2 should have experience in the digital world. Whereas Host #1 will be familiar with forensic investigation, Host #2 will be familiar with computers and digital technology. Host #2 will bring digital techniques and ideas to the investigation – for example ways of visualizing perspectives inside the event or object that may not be physically possible in the real world.
Host #2 might be (but does not have to be) somewhat younger than Host #1. Being a little bit nerdy wouldn't hurt -- but not at the expense of personality. Host #2 must be a good “sidekick” and partner, but also able to hold his own weight, and must be comfortable working with Host #1.

In the field, Hosts will meet with participants, witnesses, and/or experts in each episode’s subject. They may also consult a CSI-type lab facility for technical assistance. On set, Hosts will interact with a variety of digital imagery relating to that episode’s focus; they must be (or be able to become) comfortable working with greenscreen and objects that are “not there” in real life but will be added later.

Both hosts should be males from North America in the 25 - 50 age range.
If you are interested in becoming one of the Hosts please contact Past Preservers People asap letting us know which position interests you. If you are not currently on our database please complete the online registration form (its held on Google docs and is very secure!) and we will also need the following from you to complete the application-

• A current CV
• Two pictures, one head shot and one full body, please do not embed in your CV or email and please only you in the shot and action pictures work better than formal shots!
• A short video audition (3-5 mins MAX), describing you and your work and interests, this doesn’t need to be the next Oscar nominated short, but please thing carefully about the setting and subjects and technical aspects such as sound and lighting. The best way to get this to us this to us is via services such as YouSend it or Dropbox etc or you upload the clip to a video sharing site, such as YouTube or Vimeo and then just send us the link.

Please send all emails to us @ and pointing out which Host position best suits you!
For more information about being represented by Past Preservers People please visit our website @

We look forward to hearing from you,

The Past Preservers Team

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