Thursday, December 4, 2008

Open Access: The Cuneiform Digital Library

The Cuneiform Digital Library: free online resources about the Ancient Near East from the dawn of writing to the end of cuneiform.

The CDL is a collaborative network of projects centered around the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative. We provide a global registry for cuneiform documents (the CDLI catalog), tools for corpus-development (the ATF specification and related software and web-services), educational pages (the CDLI wiki) and a free hosting service to support the development of special-interest projects (this portal!).

At the time of writing (December 4, 2008), the Cuneiform Digital Library includes the following components:

and the following doocuments

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Marcia L. Neil said...

As described with faxed/e-mailed messages sent to the Archaeological Institute of America, a mucousal oracle-bead chronicle (artifact) holds human speech and other sounds preserved within its waxlike/gel composition. The visual appearance of such voice-strip struck within the oracle-bead using human breath is an observable similarity to alphabets and cuneiform impressions.