Monday, January 21, 2008

Existing Aggregators: a meta-report

As Sean and I work on setting up our own aggregator service, we'll be looking around to try to make sure we're not duplicating effort. I'll periodically post notes here regarding other feed aggregation services that authors and readers of this blog might find interesting or useful.

The Digital Arts and Humanities website has several feeds of interest, including its news hub (a feed aggregator), which can be browsed online or syndicated via an RSS 2.0 feed. The site provides mechanisms for thematic browsing of its own internal content as well, and many of these are also available as feeds, for example: Classics and Ancient History as an HTML summary vs. Classics and Ancient History as a feed.

The eclassics ning ring has feeds too (now universally available, yay), including:

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belteshazzar said...

interesting post, i thought that you might be interested in knowing that i've just set up an ancient history and archaeology news service which aggregates news from all over the place including news services and blogs. it can be found at

its works by allowing anyone to submit stories which are then checked by the sites editors to see if they are included in the news feed or not.

id be interested in discussing it more with you if you like.