Monday, April 14, 2008

Past Preservers

Past Preservers is in search of Experts, Presenters, Researchers and your Projects and Ideas

Past Preservers is happy to announce that we are now seeking experts and advanced students to help in the production of major documentary projects to be filmed in Egypt and elsewhere.

We are looking for rising specialists in all areas of Egyptology, archaeology, and related areas of historical study who will readily and energetically share their knowledge and enthusiasm for their subject, both on camera and off it, as either “talking heads” in television documentaries or as researchers behind the scenes.

This exciting work will afford the opportunity to learn in a hands-on way how the sciences of archaeology and historical analysis are conveyed through the various media of documentary television and film, and promises to be an interesting way to gain exposure in the field and see how documentaries are actually made.

Additionally, we welcome fresh ideas for media projects and are eager to help our talent pursue new avenues of research and presentation; a major part of Past Preserver's job is to provide the best possible representation and support for a new concept or project as it makes its way from mere suggestion to fully fleshed-out production, and we hope you will feel welcome in bringing forward your best and brightest.

If interested, please send a current CV, including date of birth, nationality, and mention of any previous experience working in the media, along with a photograph of you, to

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Marcia L. Neil said...

The 9th Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica has original illustrations that show actual historical action.