Saturday, April 5, 2008

Drills, Small (and Large) Animals, Sharing, Grumpy Optimists

In the fascinating conversation where Charles Watkinson set the stage; Sebastian Heath responded; Charles replied; Bill Caraher piped in; Tom Elliott went stratospheric; Eric Kansa accepted the challenge; Bill speculated about small fry; Peter Suber took note of the taxonomy; and most recently (so far) Sebastian waxed optimistic, there has been some great stuff. Keep it up!

It occurs to me that some rather ambitious projects seeking to offer generalized platforms for the archiving and distribution of archaeological data have not yet come up in the conversations, and I wonder why not. Among the things I'm thinking of are:

I know that Eric and Sebastian are connected with the first of these, and Eric with the third. Are there other parallel efforts underway?


Eric Kansa said...

Good questions! I'll comment more on this shortly, unfortunately I'm hit by a number of deadlines.

Shawn Graham said...

All this talk of sharing finally got me moving... I've just put up the fundamental data from my phd thesis on my blog. Now, this stuff is available in the appendices of my BAR volume, but I suspect that book isn't exactly ripping up the sales charts, nor is widely available. So, if you're looking for some XRD & XRF data - maybe as instructional content for an introductory archaeometry or stats class - please feel free to use.
Here it is