Saturday, December 15, 2007

Blogging Archaeology

I have posted the final installment of my Metablogging the Ancient World article on my blog: Archaeology of the Mediterranean World and posted updates to part 2 (I am now on v.3) based on comments from folks. 

Here is a table of contents.

Part 1 is a short history of blogging and academic blogging in particular.
Part 2 is a more focused examination blogs on archaeology.
Part 3 is a first attempt at an archaeology of blogging. 

Thanks to everyone who took time to read and comment on my work.  I'll let this marinate for a week or so, make some more changes (I suspect!) and then it off to the folks at the Archaeology Website just before Christmas. This has been a particularly gratifying way to spend those last few semi-productive days before the disrupted time of holiday travel and festivities. 


Archaeologyknits said...

I can't wait to sit down and read through this, I think it should be really informative, and help out with my new blog. Unfortunately, its probably going to have to wait until after Wednesday when school finishes for the semester.

Thadd Nelson

Francis Deblauwe said...

Interesting article(s)! How would you categorize my now dormant blog The Iraq War & Archaeology? It originally reviewed web-published articles in semi-blog format and archived them slowly by publication date of the reviewed articles (not the date of the review). The original format can still be seen at, e.g.,