Sunday, March 9, 2008

Second Life exhibition about the pleasure of the table in Roma

The Monastery is a place in Second Life, in a sim named Alpine Meadow and owned by a virtual communauty, the Confederation of Democratic Simulator (CDS).The Monastery was built on a land bought with donations of citizen of the CDS. It is managed by a virtual non-governmental organization, Virtus. The Monastery is dedicated to activities about spirituality, wisdom and knowledge and is a symbol of the transmission of knowledge from the Antiquity (CDS sim Colonia Nova) to the Middle Age (CDS sim Neufreistadt). For this reason, the Monastery is developping a virtual library showing this process of transmission, with a scriptorium (work in progress). The Chapel hosts exhibitions about art and culture.

The new exhibition presents the theme of the pleasures of the table in Ancient Roma, from the production of food to the banquet, including the cooking.
The exhibition will stay open from the 9th March to the 26th April then it will move to sim ROMA SPQR. Guided tours (see in SL events) and a snapshot contest will be organized.
All the objects presented in the exhibition are designed by Popea Heron, a designer from ROMA SPQR community. Some of these objects are animated. SL residents can experiment the life of people in roman time just by clicking on these pieces: slaves working with olive oil mill, cook, patricians eating and drinking in the triclinium. Some roman clothes are available.

Olive oil mill

More information:

SL Curator: Arria Perreault (Nathalie Duplain in RL)
SLURL of the Monastery:

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