Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Aggregator for Excavation Blogs

Pursuant to (minimal) discussion here and there, I've created a new member of the Atlantides constellation of feed aggregators: Planet Taygete, where I intend to group blogs that are associated with specific excavations and surveys. The current subscriber list is pretty thin; please suggest additional blogs to include (comments here are fine ... blog must have a web feed to be included). If I think a particular blog is not focused closely enough on a single excavation or survey, I'll plunk it into Planet Maia.


Bill Caraher said...


Thanks for this great resource. PKAP runs multiple blogs. Here is the senior staff blog:

Thanks again!

Unknown said...

Thanks Bill. It's now in there.

aren maeir said...

Please do add a link to the blog of the Tell es-Safi/Gath Archaeological Project (, which (if I am not mistaken ...), when it opened, may have had the honor of being the first blog in the world of an archaeological project (as opposed to blogs of people who participate in digs).

Aren Maeir

Unknown said...


Thanks. It's already in there!