Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Distressing? Distressing! BMCR is not spam!

A notice at the Bryn Mawr Classical Review reads:
Please note that Google has removed all access to our blog after incorrectly flagging it as a spam blog. We had requested a rehttp://bmcr.brynmawr.edu/view which did not happen, and on September 28 Google removed all access to the blog, which we are attempting to appeal.
I certainly hope this is a mistake!

For now the BMCR blog is blank.

Good news! Update: at http://bmcr.brynmawr.edu/
Sept. 29: For the time being, our blog can only be accessed at http://brynmawrreview.blogspot.com. It was incorrectly flagged as a spam blog; Google has reversed its decision, but access to www.bmcreview.org is delayed.


Judith Weingarten said...

It's certainly distressing but perhaps also a serious warning of the power of a monopoly that aspires to be the digital librarian and cataloguer of the entire world.

Drastic Plastic said...

I once had a spammer spoof my email address and post to Google groups. I asked Google for help; and they blocked my email address and said it was because *I* was spamming! Appeals fell on deaf ears. In the end I had to get another email account.

I suppose I could have hired a libel lawyer, but it wasn't worth it.

As you say, monopolies are never good news.

Unknown said...

This is really sad to hear I hope this gets resolved for you soon sejour linguistique en australie

Chuck Jones said...

It has been resolved