Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Open Access Week

Its Open Access week again. I am reminded about all the very nice online publishing efforts that get reported in this blog. As a New World archaeologist, I am envious of Old World archaeology for leading the way here.

To celebrate Open Access week, check out this entry from Jason Baird Jackson's blog:

"Last year, did you get paid nothing to work hard for a multinational corporation with reported revenues of over 1 billion dollars in 2008? [2]

If you have (1) done peer-reviews for, (2) submitted an article to, (3) written a book or media review for, or (4) taken on the editorship of a scholarly journal published by giant firms such as Springer, Reed Elisevier, or Wiley, then you belong to a very large group of very well-educated people whose unpaid labor has helped make these firms very profitable. Their profitability in turn has positioned them to work vigorously against the interests of (1) university presses and other not-for-profit publishers in the public interest, (2) libraries at all levels, (3) university and college students, (4) scholars themselves, and (5) particular and general publics with a need to consult the scholarly record."

-Mike Smith


Qohelet said...

Are there open access journals on classical studies and biblical studies? I am only familiar with the ones on science (PLoS). Thanks!

Jaddeus said...

Qohelet: If you don't know of one from your colleagues, start your own and/or look up "bible open access journals" (or something)

Have fun

Chuck Jones said...

And follow AWOL - The Ancient World Online