Friday, April 15, 2011

Remembering Donny George

For the benefit of those (there are some) who are not using facebook and therefore cannot see the Remembering Donny George page there, I'm listing here the obituaries and other linked documents which have been posted there.  I have not reproduced the personal comments.

Postings from March 24 and before are listed below the line in the order in which they appeared

In memory of Donny George and of the looting of the Iraq Museum, the Joukowsky Institute covered our artifacts for one week, as a symbolic representation of what we all have lost. Posted 15 April 2011.
Matthew Bannister on Donny George, Owsley Stanley, Harold Massingham and Bob Greaves. Posted April 14, 2011
BBC iPlayer - Night Waves: Julian Baggini, Jennifer Egan, Donny George Obituary, UK Census  (BBC Radio: Donny George segment begins at 34:35) Posted April 7, 2011
Professor Donny George - Obituaries, News - The Independent  Posted March 31
Assyrian Calendar: International: Donny George Candlelight Vigil for Global Heritage Posted March 29
- : Donny George | Iraqi archaeologist, 60  Posted March 28
Defender of Iraqi antiquities Posted March 27
A Tribute to Donny George Posted Posted March 26
Wednesday, April 27, 2011 4:30-6:30 Rutgers Student Center Rutgers Posted March 25
Dr. Donny George, Former Director of Iraqi National Museum, Passes Away Posted 12 March.

Charlie Rose - A conversation with Donny George, former director of the Iraqi National Museum in Bghdad Posted 12 March

Donny George - a man of knowledge, courage and grace Posted 13 March.

Twitter / Four Corners Media: Donny George used to tell ... Posted 13 March.

Remember Iraq's Heritage, Our Heritage Posted 14 March.

A conversation between Donny George and Zainab Bahrani about the Iraqi Museum looting, from CAA News Posted 14 March.

Donny George's talk at the CAA Annual Conference in 2008, which describes the tragic April 2003 events, from CAA News. Posted 14 March.

Donny George, 60, Dies; Protected Iraq’s Artifacts Posted 15 March.

In this 38-minute interview, Dr. George discusses the circumstances surrounding his decision to leave Baghdad for the United States. It focuses on the continued looting of ancient sites in Iraq, the situation at the Iraq Museum, the recovery of the statue of Entemena, the disputed Sumerian cuneiforms at Cornell University. He concludes with recommendations for safeguarding Iraq's ancient sites and near-term plans. Posted 15 March.

Donny George: Iraqi who fought to recover antiquities - Iraq - Zawya Posted 15 March.

Donny George Posted 15 March.

ICCROM - obituary: Donny George Youkhanna 1950 2011 Posted 16 March.

Archaeopop: The Past in Popular Culture: Donny George Youkhanna, 1950-2011 Posted 16 March.

DONNY GEORGE R.I.P. Posted 16 March.

ICOM - EN: OBITUARY: Dr Donny George Youkhanna - FR : NECROLOGIE : Dr Donny George Youkhanna - SP: OBITUARIO: Dr Donny George Youkhanna Posted 17 March.

2 minutes with Dr. Donny George in the Iraq Museum, February 2004 Posted 17 March.

Archaeologist Donny George Youkhanna dies Posted 17 March.

Tribute to Donny George - Culture in Development Posted 18 March.

Dr. Donny George Youkhanna Posted 18 March.

BBC - BBC Radio 4 Programmes - Last Word, Donny George, Owsley Stanley, Harold Massingham and Bob Greaves Posted 19 March.

R.I.P. Dr. Donny George Youkhanna Posted 19 March.

Donny George, el arqueólogo que salvó los tesoros de Irak · ELPAÍ Posted 19 March.

Cultural Heritage in Danger: A Tribute to Dr. Donny George Youkhanna: October 23, 1950-March 11, 2011 Posted 20 March.


Assyrian Archaeologist, Professor Donny George Youkhanna passes away Posted 22 March.

رحيل آخر الآشوريين Posted 23 March.

Cultural Heritage in Danger: Remembering Donny George: A Tribute from SAFE Posted 23 March.

Remembering Dr. Donny George - a set on Flickr Posted 24 March.

Memorial Service for Dr Donny George Youkhanna: Sydney Posted 24 March.

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