Thursday, February 21, 2008

Backing up your blog?

Do you back up your blog?

If so, how?

Have you ever restored or migrated your blog's content from the backup?


Archaeologyknits said...

I backup monthly through wordpress. I hope to migrate to my own space eventually, but I don't use enough bandwidth to make it worthwhile.

david meadows said...

one of the reasons i decided to go with tangelo (ages ago) was that it creates a backup copy on your hard drive of every post you have. what you give up in terms of 'convenience' (I can only blog from the computer where I have the program installed), I gain in peace of mind ... unless someone steals my laptop.

Archaeogeek said...

I back my blog up regularly. Every time I upgrade to the latest version of wordpress, just in case. I use the Wordpress Database Backup plugin by Scott Merrill, which allows you the option to email yourself a backup, download to your hard disk, or save in your web space.

I have restored from backup as well, after unwisely messing with another plugin. It worked just fine (apart from taking a year or two off my life expectancy...)

Unknown said...

I'm another Wordpress user. It's easier still if you have it hosted on your own site because you can back up the MySQL database rather than just the WXR file. It could make a difference if your WXR is over 7MB in size. The reason I blog at rather than on my own server is that my site is fairly high bandwidth.

I've have used >7MB WXR files in a restore but it's difficult. It's means opening it in a text editor and cutting it into sub-7MB chunks.

For non-WP users, Wordpress has a button 'export to WXR' and that creates a file you can download and upload to another WP installation painlessly.

Unknown said...

Sounds like the WP backup story is way better than Blogger's (q.v.: ).

Unknown said...

I will agree with Tom: using Blogger is not the best solution when you wish to backup your weblog. Unless you are using a dedicate database for it - which still depend on the CMS you are using.

David Gill said...

Here are two things to do:

1. On blogger, under the email settings add your email so that you receive a copy of your posting - and then save to disk.

2. On blogger, select all the postings for one month (e.g. January 2008), click in the text, and then (on a Mac) CTRL to get up a menu and then you can 'Save page as ...'. (I guess on the PC it is right click ... unless you are left-handed in which case left click ...)