Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Χείρων · Chiron

I've just become aware, by way of Alun Salt's post, of the Χείρων · Chiron project. This web hub was started by a collaborative group of classics teachers from several areas in Spain. The web interface is multilingual, and includes a wide variety of information:
  • a wiki of classics resources
  • a social bookmarker
  • reviews
  • an image gallery
  • a video gallery
  • presentations
  • courses
  • a calendar
  • a forum
  • a chat room
  • a blog feed aggregator
The blog feed aggregator brings together content from nearly 150 mostly Spanish-language, classics-oriented blogs. Almost none of these are represented in the membership of AWBG, nor are they included in the blog aggregators I recently set up.

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Chuck Jones said...

And see:
Maybe they could be convinced to join Chiron