Monday, May 24, 2010

Digital Classicist/ICS 2010 summer seminar programme

Digital Classicist 2010 summer seminar programme
Institute of Classical Studies

Meetings are on Fridays at 16:30
in room STB9 (Stewart House)
Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Seminars will be followed by refreshments

* Jun 4 _Leif Isaksen (Southampton)_ Reading Between the
Lines: unearthing structure in Ptolemy's Geography

* Jun 11 _Hafed Walda (King's College London)_ and Charles Lequesne
(RPS Group) Towards a National Inventory for Libyan Archaeology

* Jun 18 _Timothy Hill (King's College London)_ After
Prosopography? Data modelling, models of history, and new directions
for a scholarly genre.

* Jun 25 _Matteo Romanello (King's College London)_ Towards a
Tool for the Automatic Extraction of Canonical References

* Jul 2 _Mona Hess (University College London)_ 3D Colour Imaging
For Cultural Heritage Artefacts

* Jul 16 _Annemarie La Pensée (National Conservation Centre) and
Françoise Rutland (World Museum Liverpool)_ Non-contact 3D
laser scanning as a tool to aid identification and interpretation of
archaeological artefacts: the case of a Middle Bronze Age Hittite Dice

* Jul 23 _Mike Priddy (King's College London)_ On-demand Virtual
Research Environments: a case study from the Humanities

* Jul 30 _Monica Berti (Torino) and Marco Büchler (Leipzig)_
Fragmentary Texts and Digital Collections of Fragmentary Authors

* Aug 6 _Kathryn Piquette (University College London)_ Material
Mediates Meaning: Exploring the artefactuality of writing utilising
qualitative data analysis software

* Aug 13 _Linda Spinazzè (Venice)_ Musisque Deoque. Developing new
features: manuscripts tracing on the net

For more information on individual seminars and updates on the
programme, see
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