Saturday, May 1, 2010

I wish to be clear that my concern revolves around the number of web pages on good, serious sites that are posted without attribution of any kind. Some such pages - let's say short, general descriptions of a projects - may be fine. But my concern is that those in charge have clear, explicit guidelines for what needs stated authors and what does not. Nick Eiteljorg | |
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Eric Kansa said...

Nick's discussion is really useful, since citation is critical for scholarship. Also, I'm happy he discovered an oversight in Open Context. We omitted output of citation information on project descriptions, even though they were present in the XML and expressed in COiNS for Zotero to read. If you weren't using Zotero, you'd never see this information.

It was an embarrassing error. But this kind of feedback is really important to raise problems so that they can be fixed.